Polish Change

Includes nails trimmed, shaped, buffed, and polished only.

Polish Change Hands $13 

Polish Change Hands w/French $18 

Polish Change Toes $15 

Polish Change Toes w/French $19 

Nail Art $5 up

Children (10 & under)

Mini Mani $15 

Mini Pedi $25 

Polish Only Hands $9 

Polish Only Toes $11 

Nail Art $3 up

Combo Package

Basic Mani & Basic Pedi $46 

Basic Mani & Signature Pedi $53 

Basic Mani & Deluxe Pedi $59 

Basic Mani & Hot Stone Pedi $66 

Basic Mani & Royal Pedi $71 

Foot Care

To start off, the feet are soaked in a warm sanitizing foot bath to soften the cuticles. Cuticles are then trimmed. Nails are trimmed, shaped, and buffed. Callous remover applied as needed. Finish off with a relaxing foot massage, hot towels, and a polish.

Basic Pedi $30 

Signature Pedi $37 

In addition to the basic Pedi, a honey sugar scrub is used to exfoliate away the dead, dry skin

Deluxe Pedi $44 

In addition to the Signature Pedi, a mint hydration mask will replenish all the moisture back into your skin

Hot Stone Pedi $51 

Recommended for tired and sore feet. Includes the Deluxe Pedi plus a massage with hot stones to soothe the aching muscles

* Add hot stone to any pedicure $9

Royal Pedi $57 

Named after our Champions, this pedi is sure to make you feel like Royalty. Includes the Deluxe Pedi plus a hot paraffin wax to help moisturize your feet, release tension, and alleviate arthritic pain

Natural Manicures

Basic manicure includes trimming the cuticles, nail trimmed, shaped, and buffed. Followed by a relaxing massage and finish with a polish.

Basic Mani $20 

Signature Mani $25 

Includes the basic mani plus a honey sugar to exfoliate away the dry, dead skin

Deluxe Mani $31 

Includes the Signature Mani plus a hydration mint mask is then applied to help nourish the skin

Artificial Nail

Acrylic Full Set $40 

Acrylic Fill $30 

Pink & White Full Set $60 

Pink Fill $35 

Back Fill $50 

Gel Powder Full Set $60 

Gel Powder Fill $50 

Silk Nails $60 

Silk Nails Fill $50 

Nails Removal Only $15 

Nails Repair, Per Nail $3 

Dip Powder With Tips $50 

Dip Powder W/out Tips $43 

Manicure Add On Dip Extra $10 


Nails Art, Per Nail $3 

French or American $7 

Gel Top Coat w/ Acrylic Nails $5 

Acrylic Removal (Add-On to Full Set) $10 

Acrylic Removal (Add On to Mani/ Gel Color) $10 

Gel Manicures

Gel + Mani $36 

Gel + Mani w/ French Tips $46 

Gel Polish Only $31 

Gel Polish Only w/ French Tips $38 

Gel Add Ons

Gel Color Add On To Pedi $20 

Gel Color Add On To Pedi w/French $27 

Gel Removal w/ Additional Service $5 

Gel Removal w/o Additional Service $10 

Hair Removal

Eyebrow $15 

Lip/Chin $12 

Eyebrow, Lip & Chin $30 

Side of Face $15 

Full Face (begin) $35 

Underarm $20 

Half Arm (begin) $30 

Full Arm (begin) $40 

Half Leg (begin) $40 

Full Leg (begin) $60 

Paraffin Dips Hand/Feet $8 / $10

Eyelash Extensions

Full Set $180 

Fill 2-4 Weeks $65 - $75